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Diaphragm type Differential Pressure Gauges

Diaphragm type Differential Pressure Gauges

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We have Diaphragm operated Differential Pressure Gauges which do not have any bourden tube in it. These DP Gauges works on Magnetic Coupling principle. 

These gauges are suitable for Non-Magnetic Fluids only and more in demand for DP Measurement applications in HVAC / across Heat Exchangers / across Pumps / across Filters / across Strainers, Level Measurement in pressurized tanksFlow Rate indication across Orifice plate etc.

Ranges                 : Various DP ranges from 15 mm Wc up to 7 bar

                               We can also offer Compound ranges.

Sizes                    : Diaphragm & Piston type Gauges are available in options like 2 1/2”, 3 1/2”, 4”, 4 1/2”, 6” dia.

                                        Battery operated Digital DP Gauges are available in 4" dia.

                                        External powered Digital DP Gauges are available in Panel mounted or, Wall mounted versions.

Connection           : 1/4” NPT-F (Standard)

Accuracy               : + / - 2% FSD (Ascending)

Working Pressure : Various options up to 100 bar

Porting                  : Options like In – Line. Back or, Bottom

Calibration            : Non-Linear, spread over 65 degrees to 75 degrees Arc.

Sensing Element  : Small Convoluted Diaphragm

Wetted parts         : Aluminium, Brass, SS 316, Inductrial Plastic, Buna N, Viton

Max. Working Temp.: with Buna N as sealants Max. 60 degree C & with Viton max. 200 degree C..

Enclosure             : IP 65

Certification          : CE

Single or, Duel Reed Switch Contacts can be provided along with the Gauge, either in IP65 or, Flameproof enclosure